Payment methods


That’s how it works.

  • You create a free user account on PayPal.
  • You deposit your bank details or credit card with PayPal once (these details are not visible to others, including us).
  • If you order from us, click on the PayPal button. We will receive a confirmation from PayPal shortly afterwards and start preparing your order for shipment.

You should be aware of this:

  • For returns, we will automatically transfer refund amounts back to your PayPal account. You do not need to enter any additional account information on the return slip.
  • Please visit the PayPal website for more information.


If you use the Swedish Klarna service to pay, you can choose to pay immediately – by credit card, direct debit, instant or bank transfer – or wait until the delivery has arrived. The company also allows you to pay in instalments. This will incur additional charges. Klarna also offers buyer protection in case the goods do not arrive or something is wrong with them.