was developed by me as a range of care products for horses to relieve the animals from itching and to promote long hair growth. We are using exclusively herbal ingredients or plant essences.

  • Birch and stinging nettle: Stimulating the metabolism of the skin and promoting the hair growth.
  • Jojoba oil, aloe vera, marigold: have a calming, anti-itching and moisturising effect.
  • Biotin: Strengthens the hair.
  • Vitamin B & Vitamin C: Promote and improve the appearance of skin and hair.

We hope you enjoy our products!

Our products

Contain purely herbal ingredients or plant essences

Product information

The serum improves the skin texture. It loosens skin scales and prevents new skin formation if used regularly. By promoting the balance of the skin, it prevents itching or skin irritation that causes itching and provides the skin with the necessary moisture and care. It promotes the metabolism of the skin and thus stimulates the growth of the long hair such as mane and tail. The long hair grows back fast, strong and healthy.

Because it works on various points, it interrupts cycles such as: dandruff = itching, pushed off long hair exposes skin, external influences can affect the skin more easily, the horse continues to itch intensively.


  • Basic skin care (mane comb/tail/skin care)
  • Growth promotion of the long hair (with thin, brittle or rubbed off long hair)
  • Itching relief up to no itching anymore

To the product

The basis paste finds many applications.

  • Alternate with the serum for severe eczema for mane comb and tail. Due to its high content of sheebutter, the fat content is very strong and thus the extremely dry skin of eczema sufferers is re-fatted.
  • Mosquitoes and vermin repellent at the belly seam, tube/ udder, intimate areas . Due to the fat content the “bloodsuckers” cannot sting so much, the smell is also kept away as far as possible.
  • For mallow and raspe, the base paste helps to soothe the skin, reduce touch sensitivity and contributes to the healing process of the skin. It loosens rasp spots and reduces over time the formation of new rasp. ( but this takes a few months ) do not forget, it is a natural product.

In summer please try to store the base paste in a cool place. It should not be exposed to heat. Cold won’t hurt it. Of course it shouldn’t freeze.

To the product

The care spray does not replace a conventional mane and tail spray in principle. Its main purpose is to supply the long hair with sufficient liquid, nutrients and care substances. It helps against hair breakage, in the long run against knotting, when used regularly. In many cases, it shows improved combability and natural shine, which is not comparable with a commercial silicone spray.

The Felici Caballi long hair care spray should be worked into the long hair, e.g. kneaded in so that it can dry on the hair. If a silicone spray has been used so far, it is advisable to wash the long hair in between. Silicone coats the hair and care substances cannot be absorbed so well. We recommend the Felici Caballi Shampoo, which is also silicone-free and based on aloe vera.

To the product

Nourished with the ingredients of the serum, it gently cleanses, removes fats, dandruff and impurities. It can be distributed very well, has a calming effect due to a high proportion of aloe vera. Shampoo supports the treatment with serum and paste. Without silicones.

The shampoo is available in 3 versions:

  1. Naturally
  2. For grey and white horses
  3. For brown and dark horses

To the product

Our products against flying suckers and other insects. The fly paste can go anywhere. Tube, belly seam, udder, inner thigh, skin folds . It keeps off the mosquitoes in these places for up to 2 days. The spray is pretty much against everything that flies. Without chemical additives, does not burn or stink.

To the product

The gel is a concentrate of the active ingredients of the serum.

To be used:
Extreme itching in horses
When the serum runs out, the gel just starts.
This means that during the intense itching period, the gel helps with severe eczema in the mane and tail area.

Here too, long hair growth is promoted, the skin is regenerated and the dandruff is removed.
The gel remains longer on the skin and has a cooling and decongesting effect. Skin irritations are reduced or disappear. The gel contains no grease.

To the product

Felici Caballi is certified for the EquiDope D-Seal!

“The anti-doping test seal to promote product safety in equestrian sport.”

To EquiDope

“There hasn’t been a tail for years, now a lot of hair is growing back. The tail is awesome!”

Wiebke K.

“No more new patches, which were the biggest problem. The hair is growing again. Everything is great!”

Isabel A.

“Everything grows amazingly and above all dense.”

Karin N.

“Elja does not scratch and rub herself any more, although there are already mosquitoes around. Normally she would already start scratching. Soon she will have a double mane. I’ve never seen anything like it with her.”

Ivonne S.

“Adoro’s long hair is literally exploding right now: No itching, no scratching.”

Sandra S.


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